Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sweet Dreams

As I prepared to lay me down to sleep last night, my conscious mind suddenly flashed with images from a dream from the wee hours that I had not remembered all day.  Its sweetness caught my heart strings and I wanted to return to it.

John and I entered an older house to see if it might meet our purchase requirements.  As we toured from room to room,  we were surprised by rich wall colors and a few antiques left behind by whomever had been living there.   It appeared to be a small house but as we continued through a hall we entered a large room in the center of the house with nothing in it.   I heard several voices from an adjoining room and entered it to find my parents sitting at a dining table enjoying after dinner coffee with dear friends.   I, in my wakened state, have no idea whom the friends were, but in the dream I knew them and considered them dear family friends.   John continued to tour the other rooms of the house and never entered the dining room.   I flitted out of the dining room into the kitchen and then found a surprise third bathroom not listed in the real estate listing through another hallway.

Before the dream ended, I returned to the dining room where my parents and their friends were chatting happily and amicably.  I don't recall words being exchanged between us; but there were smiles and I knew in my heart that they were proud of me and who I am and whom I'm becoming and mostly of Whose I am, not only theirs, but their Father's also.  I gathered my purse and I think I told them I would see them later and then left the dining room to find John.  

Having suddenly lost my father as a young child, I haven't seen him in 42 plus years.  I lost my mom in all the important ways in my mid-twenties to Alzheimer's Disease, though her body lingered until my mid-thirties.   I cannot convey the sweetness of the moments in that dream.   But I am so grateful for that gift!