Friday, January 29, 2016

Not Always Convenient

I was stressed and tired, not a great combination.  My kitchen pipes have been out of kilter for too long to admit.  The husband and a son were laboring over pipe fittings; the kitchen counters were stacked with dirty dishes.  I obviously was not going to get the dishes done this night since the clock was ticking towards 10 pm.  I decided to go take my shower and curl up in bed with a book.

Checking my facebook page one more time, I found my young friend had messaged me.  She has been part of my life for over five years, intensely part of it for almost two. 

She was responding to the message I had sent her much earlier in the day, assuring her that her day would get better and to share a bit of Jesus with her.   She has rebuffed any spiritual talk for months now.  When I saw her a few days earlier, she uttered words that unsettled me.
We typed a few lines each of dialogue as she was also online.  I was typing the words, “Gotta go to bed, very tired,” when she messaged that God is too far above her and cannot be understood through His Word.  I quickly deleted and replied to her that I am available to study with her one night a week or every two weeks.

Wait! What did I say?  This year is dedicated to being content at home (with my family, my messes, my issues) with part of one day per week dedicated to the volunteer work I love which led me to this girl and her young son.  

And there was the answer:  I was led by God to this girl.   I love her.  Her son is my “borrowed” grandson, given that my grandest children live in California and I am in Tennessee.  God placed her in my path because I need them and they need me.  And no matter how tired, stressed, covered up in messes I am, I have and will continue to “be there” for them until I am no longer able.  

You will seek me and find me when
you seek me with all your heart.
Jeremiah 29: 13

She asked me about relationship with God!!!  It’s a baby step; there probably will be setbacks; my walk with the Almighty has sure been filled with setbacks and mistakes and sin— because that is who we are -- sinners.  God knew that from the beginning; He had the answer and provided the fix.  

So I am waiting for my friend to tell me she is ready to begin to study with me; I want her to encounter Jesus in a life-changing way.  Father God, please help me to do this the right way.  But deep in my heart I know, there is no wrong way to study God’s Word.  If we seek Him, He will be found.  

Linking up with Lori Harris in her One Thing. Right Now. series.


  1. You go girl! Your one YES may be the pivotal point in her story! Love that you are soft to the working of the Holy Spirit, Lisa. It makes all the difference.

  2. I concur! What a great example of being open to the leading of the Spirit!

  3. Thank you Lindsy and Lori! Guess who went to church with my family and her son yesterday. Baby steps!