Sunday, August 25, 2013

When Disappointments Just Keep Rolling In

I am not sure when the whole "Keep Calm and ... (choose your words)" became so popular.   I just discovered it about three weeks ago.  I am not known for my powers of observation or for being a trendy person.   

In Bible study a few nights ago, a verse captured my attention however, and it hasn't let go of me.  It is God telling the prophet to instruct the king of Judah to "Keep calm."   Isaiah 7:4a says, "Say to him, 'Be careful, KEEP CALM and don't be afraid."   So I found the origin of the "Keep Calm movement."  God is the origin (of all things.)  Keep Calm.  That is His will for all of us.  But just gets so overwhelming and the bad or hurtful times just seem to pile one on top of the other and I begin to find it very difficult to keep calm.   How about you?

I feel so whiny even writing this post but I also feel tormented bottling up my feelings.   I attempt to make the choice in these situations to Keep Calm with others who are involved.   I'm working at not spewing my vengeful words onto others when I feel wronged.  I pray that God will bless me in this discipline with greater self-control and not with an ulcer.   

In this life, people disappoint us.  We must deal periodically (lately it feels like daily!) with the inconsiderate behavior of those around us, often those closest to us.  So what does one do when our  child strikes out at us with unkind words or actions?  Or how does one respond when an elderly relative feels the need to point out that one has gained weight, okay, a lot of weight, over the last ten years?   Or how does one deal with relatives who make promises and then don't keep them?  How does one Keep Calm when one's integrity is questioned unjustly?  How does one deal with others who hurt one's spouse or child?

The answer is "Keep Calm, Stay Calm, Be Calm."  As I was reminded not too long ago, God has my back; He has the answers to all the tough situations that I meet along this journey.  I simply must trust Him and KEEP CALM!   Okay, it's not always simple and it takes self-control and perseverance and lots of trust in HIM!   I covet your prayers as I seem to be in a time of trials and testing.   And I will pray for you also if you leave a comment or contact me privately through my facebook page.   

Blessings always as we Press On In Christ,



  1. We elderly relatives are bad about saying the wrong thing. I get in trouble all the time with my children.I was warned yesterday by my daughter to keep quiet at the next family meeting...

  2. Well, since my first comment didn't get fault...I will try to remember what I wrote the first time... Excellent post!!! I work for a credit card company and get very negative comments spewed at me all day every day. I can't say things back or I would lose my job, but I think them. And I know that is just as bad. So I knit as much as I can while working because it calms me. So Stay Calm and Knit On!