Monday, November 11, 2013

Give Thanks... day 11

Give thanks -    30 days of  gratitude...

Today I am grateful for this wonderful country in which I was born and live!  And I am also especially grateful  for all our military who have  served and fought to keep this the land of the free, including my own wonderful son-in-law Jason!

 Jason was home on a two week furlough from his second tour of duty in Iraq when he and my daughter were married in Las Vegas eight years ago.  

I also want to thank all those military spouses and extended families who support and love their soldiers/service people during those excruciatingly, trying deployments!  The sacrifice is beyond what most of us can grasp!

Thank you veterans, soldiers, and future soldiers for your service and may God bless you richly with His best love and care!  

 God Bless America! 

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