Thursday, November 14, 2013

Give 14

Give thanks -    30 days of  gratitude...

On this fourteenth day of thanksgiving, I am grateful for all the friends, acquaintances, influencing people in my life currently, past, and future.

I have already written of my thanks for my "besties," those special women with whom I am closest.  But there are so many good people in my life and so many people who have been in my life who are special and have brought a contribution of goodness, care, and delight my way.  Our paths crossed and we touched one another in some way.  Maybe we are still in touch, maybe we aren't.  But nonetheless, God has used so many people to enrich my life in numerous ways!   I hope I have blessed others in the same way I have been blessed.  From social media friends whom I have known since elementary school to the friend with whom I worked with for years but with whom now I have totally lost contact to the elderly men who bag groceries at a local store I frequent.  I share history with those online friends, memories of our formative years and our experiences as a group.  I also have wonderful memories of time with that co-worker where we laughed, cried, encouraged one another through the endings of significant relationships, got into mischief together, and vented our frustrations at a job that provided lots of stress but not a lot of income.  Those men at the store provide a laugh for the day or in the case of one whom we knew before his days at the store, when he was at a local car repair business we frequented, he always asks about the family, how we are, what my husband is up to these days.

Even though these people from my past or present may not currently be my closest friends, my life is and has been blessed by their presence.  They have made their mark on my days and soul.  I trust that all through my life, God will continue to bless me with loving, kind, encouraging souls to help me along this journey and I pray that I will also serve that purpose in those lives along the way! 

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