Thursday, November 7, 2013

Give Thanks... day 7

Give thanks -    30 days of  gratitude...

It turns out I am not done with thanks giving for my family!   When I was 12 years old, the most wonderful event in my life to that point occurred!

My friend, Elizabeth P., had come over to spend the day with me.  We were in the basement with tennis rackets "practicing" (using our very limited space to hit our shots against the wall.)   My mom had left us home alone because something very important was going on in town.  

I believe it was mid afternoon when the phone rang.  I ran up the stairs.  (Phones, at the time, still hung on the wall and stayed there in one place in one's house.)  My mother was calling to tell me that I was an aunt to a beautiful little baby girl!  Oh the joy!   I ran back down those stairs screaming, "I'm an aunt, it's a girl!"  Elizabeth and I jumped up and down and screamed and acted like twelve year old girls for quite some time.   Later that evening, my mom and I went to see this beautiful little person and her parents.  She had been born at home and her first bed was a drawer from a chest of drawers.  She was amazing (and still is!)

Just over a year later, her little sister joined the family.  Also born at home, she just added more joy to my life.  I was privileged to help my mom care for these precious girls for an entire summer just a few years later.  What fun!   There is a part of my heart which has always held them as my first children.  I am as proud of them as I can be and love them deeply.

Another little sister joined their ranks born almost perfectly in the middle of my first two children.   I spent some time with her in her infancy but really didn't begin to get to know her until she was a young adult.  She also makes me proud and I love her greatly!  She lives only two hours away but we still don't get enough time together!  I would love to change that.

Years later, two boys were added to that particular branch of the family tree.  I have not been privileged to spend a lot of time with them; but they are mine and I am theirs; we are family and I love them and hope to be closer with them if and when they want that relationship.  

A little over a year after my second child was born, another sister-in-law gave birth to another beautiful little girl!  A day less than three years later, she was joined by a handsome little brother.  We spent some time together in their childhood, but not a lot.  I have gotten to know them both better and developed relationships with them in their teenage years and now into their young adulthood.   I am blessed that this niece lives only an hour away and I see  her more than all the others.  She is a wonderful young lady who is an all-around lovely person.  I have enjoyed getting to know her immensely and I'm inspired by her.  Her brother lives several hours away in the middle of the state.  I usually get to see him only once a year or so.  He is fun and funny.  I always enjoy my time with him and wish our visits could be longer!

So on this seventh day of November, I am grateful for my fabulous nieces and nephews.  God richly blessed me when He placed these wonderful young people in my life.   I love you all!

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