Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Give Thanks... day 13

Give thanks -    30 days of  gratitude...
Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her:  Proverbs 31: 28
Day 13 is dedicated to someone special in my life. For several reasons, I decided it is mother-in-law day here at East Tennessee Blessings.   My husband's mother has been part of my life now for 21-22 years.   She has had a rough year.  She lost the love of her life this past February shortly after his seventieth birthday - just four months short of their fiftieth wedding anniversary.  His sudden death was shocking to all of us, most of all to her.  
She is a good woman, generous beyond anyone I know!  She loves gifting those she loves with whatever is within her means to give.   She is fun, likes to learn about new things, go on adventures.  She is an avid reader who has "introduced" me to several wonderful authors.
Mostly though, she is dedicated to her family.  She spent her prime years raising  three kids and caring for her husband.   When the kids were raised, she began helping to raise the grandbabies.  She has helped both daughters and one daughter-in-law through a total of seven births and recovery.  She cooked, cleaned, rocked babies, took care of toddlers, whatever needed doing.  She also has helped through several different surgeries and health issues we have each had through the years.  
When I became her daughter-in-law, I brought two children with me into the family fold.   She stepped up, loves them, and welcomed them into her life generously.  
Most of all I am grateful for her because I am married to a man who knows that our life needs to be built on the foundation of faith and living for our Heavenly Father.  That is because of her "dragging him to church" all those years ago.  Many of those Sundays, she was the single mom (spiritually speaking) taking those three kids to worship.  She was grateful to have  been raised in a Christian home and that was her deepest desire for her own children.  
I want to also mention here along with thankfulness for her, I am grateful for my sisters-in-law.  My husband and the two of them keep me laughing when we are together with the stories of their growing up years.  And they both have provided my husband and me with awesome men for brothers-in-law.  I must also mention those wonderful nieces and nephews.  They are all wonderfully talented teens and young adults who also are seeking to serve our Father with all their hearts!
The reason I chose the thirteenth as her day is because this special lady was born on the thirteenth of the month and also because she has a major surgery tomorrow and I need to solicit prayers on her behalf.
So if you are reading this, please take a moment and utter a prayer for Dorothy.
Thank you Lord for this gift in my life!  I love you Dorothy-Mom!

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