Monday, November 4, 2013

Give thanks... day 4

Give thanks -    30 days of  gratitude...
Children's children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride
 of their children.  Proverbs 17:6 
Day four of thanks giving has to be dedicated to the three grandest kids in the world.  I sometimes complain because they are so far away; but God has blessed us with the means so far for me to be able to see them somewhat regularly. 

Six years ago, my daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby boy;  my life has never been the same.   I am amazed that "Grandma" has become such a wonderful word to me and a sweet sound to my ears!  When that sweet boy was a baby, he and his mommy and daddy lived in the Nashville area - a mere 3 hour jog away.   My little man is smart and fun.  He loves to read and it seems like he has been talking (a lot) all his life.  His smile lights up my life!

When that precious boy was just nine days shy of his first birthday, his sister, the princess, joined the family.   Grandmama's heart swelled with more love; pure contentment was found in holding and rocking either of these sweet babies while their mommy cared for the other.   Unfortunately when this beautiful princess was only two months old,  my babies were carried off to California due to their daddy's work.   Quite a bit of time went by before Grandmama got to visit.  Princess had just turned two and big brother had just turned three.   Though the princess could not remember Grandma, she seemed to know that I was family; she took most of that first visit to warm up; but before I came home, I was the recipient of the sweetest, slobbery kisses in the world.   My heart was stolen! 

The next visit came just a few months after that first visit to California.  The occasion was the birth of a new little sister.  Being a worrier, Grandma booked her flight far too early; and of course, the baby decided she needed a bit longer and was born ten days after her due date.   Grandpa was beginning to think that Grandma was never coming home to Tennessee.  But that five week visit was a wonderful time with those two little people who had stolen Grandma's heart.  And baby girl was so precious.  I sat holding her for quite some time on one of my last days there.  I studied her face and saw her newborn mama's likeness in my arms.  It took my breath away.   I have had a couple of visits with her since that initial one and she seems to know I am hers and can be trusted.  She always prefers her mommy or daddy; but Grandma will do just fine when necessary.  Grandma loves her sweet hugs and shy smiles.  

Once a year visits are always too short, too fleeting.  I chose this photo

of my grands to share here because I think it is symbolic of my relationship with them.  Grandma is usually "looking over their shoulders" seeing what they do day to day after it's already done.   I miss these little people more than I can express.  But I try to count my blessings that we live in this modern age and I get to "see" their lives through social media, hear their voices on the phone, and get to travel to see one another in one day (as opposed to traveling in a covered wagon!) 
They truly are the grandest kids and I thank God for them!

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